Collection: Baby Miller


Parents:  Seth & Alyssa Miller

Shower Dates:  February 18th and March 11th

Due Date:  April 14th


Star Blanket:  JTM (Pool Font)

Elegant Baby Mini Blanket: White or Light grey thread

Adelia Teething Ring: Red

Silicone Suction Plates:  Olive & Autumn Glaze

Abby Teething Rattle: Taupe

Grande Jolie Pacifier Clip: Red

Silicone Cup with Straw:  Olive

Silicone Bowl with Lid:  Slate & Taupe

Bitty Bogg: Navy

Baby Bogg:  Grey

Red Seersucker Backpack:  Navy Thread

Red Seersucker Duffle:  Navy Thread

Rockin Royalty Mini Blanket:  Camo

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