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Baby Bar & Co

Silicone Suction Plates

Silicone Suction Plates

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Baby Bar & Co. is so proud to offer our amazing dishwasher safe and travel friendly BPA free, medical & food grade, & phthalate free silicone utensils. Our utensils will fit in your diaper bag for all of those trips to a restaurant made easy and stress free.  

The best incentive for our modern parents is Baby Bar & Co. being built on the same color scheme as Three Hearts so for all those mommy's and daddy's who have a theme color for baby you can get anything from a pacifier clip or teether, to a bowl, bib or utensils with our new division. This division is designed to help maintain limited surface and storage space for mommy and daddy. Simple items that provide various functions without taking over your kitchen.

The sili plates are suction and ideal for meals from 6 month babies between upto 5 year olds. Our idea was to help parents be able to provide a matching dishwash with easy care and travel friendly sizing. 

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